New Jersey Woman Survives Coyote Attack

Doreen Latargia Entrap used a Louisville Slugger baseball bat to fight off a wild coyote that was attacking her as she walked through her Mahwah, New Jersey neighborhood this weekend.

Entrap told, she saw the coyote prowling her neighborhood for about a week before the attack took place. Entrap added,the coyote was stalking a deer the day of the attack but started after her as soon as the animal spotted her.

"It was biting me on the back of my thigh as I ran up my neighbor's driveway. Lucky for me the garage door was open and there was a bucket of hockey sticks and baseball bats handy," said the victim.

Entrap told the media she hit the animal several times with the bat until it finally backed off far enough for her to reach the safety of her neighbors front door.

The Mahwah Police Department has set up traps and posted warnings telling residents not to run from the beast but to make yourself look bigger and make loud noises in an attempt to scare it away.

The victim was bitten all over her body and suffered 14 puncture wounds.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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