Uber Driver Gives Himself Five Stars And $100 Tip

A New Jersey couple had just got back from vacation and decided to have an Uber pick them up at the airport and drive them home. After flying home to Pennsylvania from Alaska Donna Wilson-Booker and her husband caught an Uber ride from Philadelphia International Airport. But during the drive, she noticed a few things that seemed a bit off about the driver.

He told the couple that he was from Vietnam and began to ask way too many personal questions like the cost of their vacation and what type of work they do. Despite using his GPS, the driver seemed to miss an obvious turn and asked the woman if he could use her app to correct the path, saying that Uber is strict about drivers taking non-authorized routes. Not wanting him to get into trouble, the woman handed over her phone so he could make the correction.

Turns out the driver had actually given himself a $100 tip and a five-star rating using their phone. Instead of paying $54 for the ride, the couple was charged $154.71. The woman had noticed the discrepancy when she had gotten home and attempted to leave a tip and a rating. Uber says they gave the couple a full refund and that the driver no longer works with the company.

Source: NBC News

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