Giuliani Divorce Hearings Get Heated

The soon-to-be-ex-wife of Rudy Giuliani questioned the former mayor's financial figures during the latest divorce hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Judith Giuliani's lawyer Bernard Clair told Justice Michael Katz that the former mayor travels to Washington D.C. to work for President Trump and refuses to release the cost of the trips so they can be calculated into the financial records.

Rudy and Judith have a court date in January to hammer out an equitable split in the divorce. Up for grabs are over $30 million in real estate holdings and over $5 million in a joint account.

Rudy's lawyer, Faith Miller, told the judge during the most recent hearing her client is doing his best to maintain the lifestyle he and his estranged wife enjoy. Miller added, "The burn rate to support Ms. Giuliani's lifestyle and the court's order is approximately $110,000 per month before he has a cup of coffee."

An article published in the New York Daily News claimed Rudy and Judith met in 1999 while Rudy was married to Donna Hanover.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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