Cadillac Parked On Brooklyn Street For 25 Years Finally Towed

If you've ever had a car towed or booted because you forgot to pay for parking, you're going to hate this story.

After 25 years a rusted out, old Cadillac that had been in the same spot in Brooklyn, was finally towed. According to estimates by a longtime neighborhood resident, it’s been there since 1994. The resident also says that his calls to the local police precinct about the illegally parked vehicle inevitably went ignored. He worried that its hoarder-like interior was a fire hazard.

It was stuffed from floor to roof with yellow newspapers and empty water bottles. The owner, an elderly man reportedly suffering from mental illness, was unable to take care of the vehicle, yet the Caddy had a current New York inspection sticker. It was recently ticketed by a street cleaner and the city finally towed the car.

Not all the residents minded the car as some say the car was a staple in the community and that it should have remained in its spot.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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