DOC Captain In Hot Water Over Cop Bashing Facebook Posts

A Department of Corrections Officer is in hot water over a Facebook post that called for "cop killers" to "stand up" in reference to two recent attacks that left uniformed police officers drenched with buckets of water.

The Facebook page shared by DOC Captain La Shonda Stanley and her husband, Rashid, also had the message "Y'all upset about some pigs getting water thrown on them. They're lucky they didn't get shot while making an arrest! All the innocent black men and women killed at the hands of these pigs."

The rant also referenced the recent exoneration of Officer Daniel Pantaleo by federal prosecutors: "Y'all forgot Eric Gardner killer just got off with murder, on camera."

The Facebook post challenges "so-called good cops" stating: Death to you scumbags also, you stand by and allow your fellow officers to do wrong, you guilty as well. F*#k the police…Its time we shoot back!!! Cop Killers stand up."

According to an article published in the New York Post, La Shonda Stanley said the posted comments were made by her husband.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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