Administration For Children's Services Asked To Simplify Rules On Marijuana

The New York City Council and the General Welfare Committee has passed a resolution requesting the Administration for Children's Services to clarify its policy of removing children from a home when the parents are found to be marijuana users.

Between July and September of last year, the Administration for Children's Services had received 32,642 allegations of child endangerment; 15% of those allegations were based on drug use.

The resolution introduced by Democratic Councilman Brad Lander asks that the ACS to ensure that parents smoking or possessing pot do not create an "imminent risk of harm" to a child.

Lander added: "It is time for ACS to adopt a simple policy."

In an article published in the New York Post, ACS Commissioner David Hansel said the agency is already doing what the proposed resolution is calling for.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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