Violent Storm Claims The Life Of Connecticut Man

Jarrod Marotto was killed last night when thunderstorms ripped through the tri-state area and caused a tree limb to fall on his car.

The 21-year-old Southington, Connecticut, man was in his car near the Fairfield-Bridgeport line when a huge branch and electric lines crashed down on his vehicle knocking him unconscious.

When police and emergency personnel arrived on the scene they had to wait for nearly an hour before a power company team showed up to turn the power off. After Marotto was freed from the wreckage he was rushed to St. Vincent's Medical center, where he died.

Investigators later discovered that the tree had been struck by lightning which caused it to come down on the driver's side of the vehicle crushing the victim.

According to an article published in the New York Post,the violent weather was a remnant of Tropical Storm Barry, the same system that dumped tons of rain on Louisiana over last weekend weekend.

Jarrod Marotto was the only passenger in the car at the time of the accident

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