New York Sisters' Babies Share So Much

Expecting moms Simone and Shari Cumberbatch knew they were going to their deliver their baby girls in July. However, they had no idea they would both give birth on their father’s birthday.

According to the Queens, New York natives – who also share the same doctor – Simone elected to have a C-section on July 3rd so her daughter could have the same birth date as her granddad, Elmo. But Shari’s little bundle of joy surprised everyone when she came week early. In fact, she pushed back Simone’s delivery time. Shari’s daughter, Hailey, was born at 12:57 pm and Simone’s daughter, Liberty, was born a few hours later.

Elmo said he couldn’t be happier to celebrate his 70th birthday with his new additions. Shari said the cousins will practically be twins.

Source: Because of Them We Can

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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