Rookie Errors To Avoid During Summer Travel

When you travel, you’ve got to go with the pros. We’ve got flights to catch and a little time to do it in, so you can’t forget to book your shuttle to the airport.

Here’s some other mistakes to leave at your doorstep:

Not doing enough research - Know where you’re going before you get there.

Booking at the last minute - Be prepared to pay four-to-five hundred dollars for one way (or more)!

Not reading the fine print - THAT’S how they getcha!

Not buying travel insurance - Plan for the unexpected. You NEVER know where life will take you.

Packing too much stuff - Do you really want to pay that oversized bag fee?

Packing a bad attitude - Vacays are meant for you to have a good time, so turn that frown upside down!

Source: USA Today

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