MTA: Subway Performance Best In 6 Years

The MTA says on-time performance of the subway system has reached its highest point in six years.

In June, 81.5 percent of weekday trains reached their destination within six minutes of the scheduled time. That was the highest percentage since August of 2013. At the same time, train delays were down by 45.9 percent.

“More than six months of sustained improvements show that our Subways team’s emphasis on the basics of service and our push to make strategic, institutional changes at every level through the Subway Action Plan is getting solid results that we are proud of,” MTA Chairman Patrick Foye said.

MTA officials said an increased effort to reduce track fires has led to better on-time performance. To compare, the on-time performance of subways in June 2018 was 68 percent.

The MTA said because of improvements, the average subway trip is now 47 seconds shorter for riders.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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