Father, Son Pummeled by Alleged Drug Dealers

A Bronx building superintendent and his son were badly beaten by a group of thugs when they were asked to leave the buildings property early Sunday morning.

Sylverio Serrena asked a group of teens who were allegedly selling drugs to vacate the front entryway of his building on Davidson Avenue and West 190th Street when the attack took place.

A video surveillance camera that caught the entire confrontation shows Serrena and his son, Aquilio Urena verbally confront the group of teens at approximately 1:00 am. The group of teens responded by throwing a barrage of punches at the father and son.

The son told the New York Post that he was punched several times but not seriously injured. His father was not as lucky and had to be taken to the hospital to have gashes to his left eye and face stitched up.

The NYPD released a statement that said they are looking for five suspects between the ages of 20 and 30-years-old.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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