Bedbugs Plague NYC Emergency Call Center

The bedbug problem that's taken over several rooms in the New York Public Safety Answer Center has prompted the Uniformed Fire Alarm Dispatchers Union to file a complaint with the department of labor.

The bugs which were sniffed out by specially trained dogs were found in a lobby couch, common area's, and near the vending machines.

An unidentified NYPD operator told the New York Daily News," I can't talk to no press. Please do the story. Everybody's getting bitten. We're all jumpy, afraid to touch anything."

Another police communication technician told the paper "This is an epidemic that has been going on for two, two and a half weeks. The only thing they're really doing is steaming. Once they steam, they pop up somewhere else."

A spokesperson for the DCAS said they had exterminators steam the areas five different times and only found 4 bedbugs.

Emergency call operators took it upon themselves to remove the lobby couch and deposited it in the dumpster.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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