Bronx DA Employee Busted With Heroin, Crack

An employee of the Bronx District Attorney's Office made a gaffe when she strolled into work Wednesday morning and dropped her purse causing several bags of crack cocaine and heroin to spill out in front of her co-workers.

Law enforcement officials allege that paralegal Jennifer Monge entered the prosecutor's office and dropped her handbag causing 24 baggies of crack and 16 glassiness of heroin to spill out.

Monge was arrested and appeared in front of a judge where she was charged with two misdemeanors for criminal possession of controlled substances before being freed without bail.

Monge's father Melvin was contacted by the New York Post after his daughters' arrest and said, "It hurts because I never raised her that way. I gave her a good education, I break my back working, and she chooses to do this."

The elder Monge said his daughter recently applied to be a Pennsylvania state trooper but she could likely kiss that dream goodbye.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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