Judge: Driver In Deadly Upstate New York Limo Crash Must Provide DNA Sample

There's movement in the investigation into last year's deadly limo crash in New York State.

A judge has ruled that prosecutors can take a saliva sample from Nauman Hussain, who was the limo's operator. The sticking point is a DOT out of service sticker that was placed on the vehicle a month before the deadly wreck, but was removed just before the trip.

The Schoharie [[sko-hair-ee]] County DA requested the sample so investigators can compare Hussain's DNA to material found on the crumpled state DOT sticker which was found in Hussain's car when he was arrested in connection with the October 6th tragedy that left 20 people dead.

Prosecutors say they're trying to prove Hussain purposely removed the sticker from the limo after it failed a DOT inspection. The cause of the accident was catastrophic brake failure.

Source: Daily Gazette

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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