Source: Knicks Reject Hawks' Offer For Number 3 Pick

The NBA Draft takes place tomorrow night at The Barclays Center and there is little question over who the first two picks will be as just about every NBA, and I even think a few NFL and PGA sites, are 100-percent certain that the first two picks of the draft will be Duke’s Zion Williamson to the Pelicans and Ja Morant of Murray State to the Grizzlies.

And for a brief moment yesterday there was some question if Duke’s RJ Barrett would be going to the Knicks at Number three.

Because the Atlanta Hawks made an offer for that pick in exchange a pair of top ten picks—at Numbers 8 and 10.

Now the fact that the Knicks declined makes one fairly certain that it will indeed be Barrett to the Knicks at three, but that doesn’t mean the Hawks will stay put as they have been aggressively exploring trade scenarios in which they would package the two picks to move up in Thursday's NBA draft.

Still, even knowing all of that, you have to be excited to see who the Number 4 pick will be.

Because that belongs to the Pelicans as well and if they keep the pick they will be using it to draft a young star they hope to form a big three with Williamson and Jrue Holiday.

Or maybe they can have two shots at that player at eight and ten if they deal with the Hawks. Don’t be surprised to see that trade made.

Source: ESPN

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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