Governor Phil Murphy Continues Push For Millionaire's Tax

Governor Phil Murphy is turning up the pressure on the legislature to get his millionaire’s tax.

Standing with union leaders, Murphy said he’s not backing down and the money is needed to provide financial stability for the state.

“Through this budget process and beyond, I will continue advocating for tax fairness, a New Jersey that puts the middle class ahead of the special interests, along with sound fiscal practices that will provide stability and set our state up for long-term success,” Murphy said in a statement.

Democrats in the legislature remain opposed, arguing that taxes are already high enough in New Jersey. They’ve introduced their own budget plan without a millionaire’s tax.

“It leaves us without the stable and sustainable revenues to secure the investments we seek to make in our people and our state. It makes unnecessary cuts to valuable programs while increasing spending on non-vital ones and eliminates our first deposit in a decade into the state’s empty Rainy Day Fund, leaving New Jerseyans less prepared for an economic downturn,” Murphy said.

Murphy said “every option is on the table,” leaving open the possibility of a government shutdown.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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