Uber Driver Gets The Assist In Alleged Robbery Arrest

An Uber driver is being credited for helping the police track down and arrest a Dunkin Donuts robber over the weekend.

Andrew Sandson allegedly entered the Dunkin Donuts in Brentwood and handed the cashier a note warning her that if she didn't hand over the cash he was going to pull his gun.

The cashier, who wished to remain anonymous, told the New York Post she turned over the cash in hopes the crook would take the money and leave the store without hurting anyone.

Several customers were in the store at the time of the robbery, but Gary Costello was the only one who took down the getaway car's license.

After the NYPD arrived at the doughnut shop Costello gave them the plate number and the getaway car turned out to be an Uber that the crook hired to help him commit the hold-up.

The Uber driver gave police the address of where the alleged crook lived and Sandson was arrested and charged with third-degree robbery.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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