The "Sperminator" Set To Welcome 50th

New York college professor Ari Nagel is known as The Sperminator. Why? He offers up his seed for free to women looking to get plump with fetus. Now comes word that he'srecently made his 50th semen donation.

The 43-year-old math professor picked Kaienja Garrick as the mother to his latest child. Kaienja, who is 18, is currently homeless and stays at a local shelter. But apparently, it "took" and Garrick's daughter is due July 12th. This will be the 15th baby he has helped conceive just this past year.

Kaienja and her girlfriend of three years, Dee Slobert, had looked on Google for free sperm donations and found Ari. They both live in separate homeless shelters. They met up in Manhattan Beach last fall, where Nagel donated into a cup on the spot. Fast forward two weeks later, Garrick got the good word.

The couple is now getting ready for the arrival by asking people to buy items from a baby registry that add up to more than $2,000. Garrick, who will receive her high school diploma through the Department of Education's Pathways to Graduation program this month, and her unemployed partner plan on getting an apartment voucher through a caseworker.

Source: New York Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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