NYC Dog Walker Steals Pooch...To Give To Someone Else

A Manhattan, New York couple said that their beloved dog was stolen by a dog walker they contracted through the app Wag.

Police arrested the dog walker, 22-year-old Christian Madriaga, who stole the couple's Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix, Benny, from their apartment last Thursday morning.

In order to access the couple's apartment, visitors need the code to the lockbox, and they said the only people who have it are the dog walkers they hire through the app. They say they've used the app to book dog walkers before and never had an issue. This time, they were notified that their walker had canceled. It was when they ordered up a new dog walker when they realized Benny was gone.

Actress Oliva Munn is a spokesperson for the app and she got involved once word of the theft was leaked. She called the couple and apologized while vowing to do whatever it takes to get Benny back.

The police found the dog walker, Christian Madriaga, the next day along with Benny. He admitted he stole the dog and was planning on gifting the dog to someone else.

Madriaga was charged with burglary, petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

Benny is back safely with his owners.

Source: Page Six

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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