Report: KD, Kyrie Irving Discussed Knicks, Nets; Both Still Interested

The hot rumor for months: Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving teaming up with the Knicks. More recently, chatter emerged about the stars potentially considering the Nets.

Well it’s seems obvious that Kyrie is heading to Brooklyn after dropping his long time agent for ROC Sports, who are owned by former Nets minority owner Jay-Z.

And while there hasn’t been much concrete reporting about a Durant-Irving partnership and which teams the pair was actually considering, Irving’s new agent and a recent report on Durant’s injurygive even more intel.

The Knicks and Nets are both still interested in signing Durant and Irving together, league sources said.

Both New York and Brooklyn made trades to open double-max cap space. The arms race is on.

Which team, if either, will Durant and Irving choose?

The big wrench in the works is Durant’s injury. This was a life-changing event. Even if the teams still want to sign him, there’s no telling how it affects his thinking. It could push him back to the Warriors. It could drive him away.

Anyone else think it makes him want to sign a max deal now to anyone that would give him one, rather than picking up the option on his final year in Golden State where he will just sit and get rusty and have fewer options next season?

I think this all but assures he will go to a team that is going to give him long term security and take a chance that this Achilles is just a hiccup in the 30-year-old’s long illustrious career

Me too, I’d get those Nets season tickets now.

Source: NBC Sports

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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