“Dad Jokes” For Father's Day

Jimmy Fallon likes to take to Twitter for some of his show material, and earlier in the week he sought “Dad Quotes” for Father’s day. On the NBC website, you can see the staff picks, but there were still some good ones left on the cutting room floor. Happy Father’s Day!

“My grandfather, sitting in the post op room after having glaucoma surgery with me, a nurse and my grandmother. I see his zipper is down and tell him that it's down. At 80 years old, doesn't miss a beat, and just replies with "What can't get up, can't get out.”(Joseph Muese)

“The other day we saw someone sniff a coupon. My dad looked at me, dead serious, and said “That’s how you know the coupon’s still good.” (Justin Bush)

“When I was in third grade, we were moving to a new house and I was devastated. I was crying so hard and I asked my dad why we had to move. He responded with, “Because you always leave your towels on the floor.” I’ve hung up my towels every day since.” (Bethany Loggins)

“Every time my Dad passes gas loudly he exclaims, “Still works!” (Heather McIntire)

Source:Jimmy Fallon

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