Bronx Man Dies Two And A Half Months After Brutal Attack

52-year-old James Smith died of the injuries he sustained 2 and a half months ago in an unprovoked attack and his family is demanding justice.

Smith was pummeled into a coma on March 24 by a group of three people who have yet to be identified and are still at large despite the entire attack being caught on camera.

The assault took place near Park Avenue and East 140th Street in Mott Haven. In the tape, Smith is shown getting bum rushed and knocked to his knees by one of the suspects. While Smith was still on his knees the assailant threw him against a wall and kicked and punched him into unconsciousness.

Smith was rushed to Lincoln Hospital and remained in a coma until he died Monday night from the massive head trauma he suffered in the beating.

Smith's brother Lee spoke to the New York Daily News Tuesday and said, "Everyone loved my brother. He was a happy go lucky guy, He was funny and everyone liked him."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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