Krispy Kreme Is Heading To Times Square

New York City will soon be home to the busiest Krispy Kreme in the world. The doughnut chain has announced its first-ever flagship store is opening in Manhattan’s Times Square in early 2020 and even clueless tourists won’t be able to miss this place.

It’s going to have a massive wraparound LED screen covering the building and it’ll be home to the LARGEST hot and ready light in the world. This Krispy Kreme location will be at 48th and Broadway and they’ll be open 24/7, which makes sense in the city that never sleeps.

Inside the enormous 4,500-square-foot space, fans can see the doughnut-making process from start to finish in “stadium style seating.” It might not sound exciting, but there’s a glaze waterfall the doughnuts pass under, and who wants to miss that?

Source: Delish

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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