Dead Shark Found In Subway Station

Commuters who used the Second Avenue subway station Tuesday night were caught off guard when they came upon a dead shark.

The two foot-long shark carcass was found lying at the base of the stairs that lead to the F train by 24-year-old Max Roder.

Roder told the New York Post that he spotted the fish shortly after leaving his apartment.

"I was just going down the stairs and happened upon the shark on the landing. There was a little bit of blood on it. It was obviously dead" said Roder.

After finding the dead shark and reporting it to MTA officials Roder posted a photo to the Instagram account @SubwayCreatures.

Roder's social media post indicated that he believes someone caught or bought the shark for a meal, then as they were transporting it home, it fell out of the bag and they left it.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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