Residents Worried About Rent Control Laws Storm Cuomo's Office

Governor Andrew Cuomo's state capital office was an angry mob scene as New York State residents gathered to complain about the state's lack of a universal rent-control bill.

Hundreds of tenant activists blocked hallways and got into scuffles as they waited for an answer from the legislature on the soon to expire rent stabilization law that controls almost 1 million apartments.

Jeanie Dubnau, a representative of the Washington Heights Neighborhood Association who was quoted in the New York Times said, "This is something so huge, which is why you're seeing so many people here being so militant."

New York State Troopers and activists battled which led to the arrest of 61 people on charges that ranged from trespassing to third-degree assault.

Activists are worried that if the current rent-stabilization law that expires on June 15 isn't changed while the Democrats are in charge some of the amendments put in place by the Republicans will not be changed.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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