Grass Eating Goats Hit With Massive Layoffs

The Riverside Park Conservancy announced that they had to cut 6 employees from their landscaping team because they were working too fast.

The employees who happen to be goats were brought in to take care of a weed and overgrowth issue in the Upper West Side Park on May 21. The assignment was scheduled to take most of the Spring season but the 24 animals were eating so fast that pink slips had to be handed out.

The firing was handled by Annlilita Cihanek of Green Goats, a firm that rents goats to cities and townships that need help with riding their public spaces of excess greenery.

Donna Capossela from the Riverside Park Conservancy told the New York Post the firings were done fairly. The goat herders stood on a hill, did their goat call, and the first 6 goats that showed up were fired.

According to the Green Goats personnel department the goats that lost their jobs were: Max, Ben, Cheech, Chong, Reese, and Charlie.

The 6 fired goats have all been taken back to the farm in Rhinebeck NY where they await the next job.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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