Eight Parking Placard Fraudsters Arrested

The Manhattan DA's office and Detectives from the City's Department of Investigation introduced eight people who were accused of using fake city parking placards to the holding cell in the 5th Precinct Tuesday.

According to an article published in the New York Daily News, the eight unidentified folks arrested were said to have been caught using fraudulent parking placards made out in the name of non-existing companies and businesses.

New York City and the de Blasio administration warned placard holders in February that anyone caught misusing the placards would get three strikes and then have the perk taken away forever.

In the past placard users, including members of the NYPD have received complaints about parking in bike lanes, no standing zones, in front of fire hydrants and in other unauthorized areas.

The eight suspects are currently being held in the 5th precinct holding cell until they can be processed later today.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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