Deer Population In Staten Island Still A Problem Despite 1,500 Vasectomies

The Staten Island deer vasectomy plan that was enacted to cut back the animal's population has been deemed a failure.

Staten Island Borough President James Oddo told the New York Post that the beneficial impact of the vasectomy plan is still years away while the number of car wrecks and Lyme disease cases caused by the animals is still increasing. Lyme disease cases have jumped by 250% since 2012.

The New York Parks Department hired the firm ‘White Buffalo' in 2016 to perform the sterilization of the deer, paying the company over $4 million bucks.

According to NYC Park Department authorities ‘White Buffalo' has clipped 1,577 deer making the cost per vasectomy $12,975.

‘White Buffalo' is said to be negotiating a five-year extension of the project which would cost another $2.5 million

Staten Island Borough President Oddo has been pushing for a controlled hunt to bring the number of animals down at a quicker pace.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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