'Gravity Knives' Now Legal In New York State

After a Federal Judge ruled the ban on folding knives unconstitutional Governor Cuomo signed the new law making it legal to carry the blades in New York State.

The law which had been on the books since 1958 according to the New York Post was deemed unconstitutional because it encourages "arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement.

Supporters of the new law pointed to the overwhelming percentage of arrests that unfairly targeted Black and Latino workers who used the knives in construction and maintenance jobs.

Governor Cuomo released a memo explaining his decision saying, "While I am aware of the cautious community voices, I cannot veto a bill passed by the Legislature to address a decided constitutional infirmity in existing law, as recently affirmed by a federal court.

Before the law changed, anyone caught possessing a gravity knife could be charged with a class a misdemeanor and possible serve up to a year in jail.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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