Mayor de Blasio: New Yorkers ‘Jaded’ By Amazon

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he hasn’t had any discussions with Amazon, amid reports they’re looking to buy property on Manhattan’s West Side.

“We are very jaded now after having made a full agreement that I thought was a fair agreement then they just walked away from it in the dead of night,” de Blasio said.

Amazon had previously agreed to build a second headquarters in Long Island City. However, Amazon pulled out of that deal earlier this year because of some push back in the community to the tax breaks and incentives the company was receiving.

“They have not spoken to me, they have not reached out to me, but if they do something on their own and it adds jobs, well that’s fine then,” de Blasio said.

He added that he’s not surprised that Amazon would still want to expand its presence in New York.

“I think it makes sense that any major tech company needs to have a presence in New York City. We've become now the second most important tech hub in America, and we're growing all the time,” de Blasio said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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