Dog Owner Places Very Specific Food Order For Pooch

We all know people who are picky eaters, but it seems humans aren’t the only ones who want food made to their specific requests. Someone on social media shared a receipt for a food order at a very fancy New York restaurant, and to say the customer was picky is an understatement. While that may not be surprising, what is shocking is that the order was actually placed for a dog.

The receipt shows that basically the dog's owner just wanted a burger, no bun or anything else. In fact, the receipt noted that the burger needed to be “med rare, no salt, no oil, no seasoning no pepper.” Basically it noted that “this is for a dog,” adding, “absolutely plain, no toppings no garnishing…Just the plain pattie.”

As you can imagine, the order received quite the reaction on social media, with the post being shared 8,000 times, with 57,000 likes.

Source: Indy100

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