Posh Hamptons Restaurants Without Booze Licenses On Memorial Day Weekend

A new restaurant in the posh and trendy Hamptons on Long Island, New York had one of the worst holiday weekends ever. The new eatery believes it lost about $125,000 over the weekend when their liquor license wasn't issued in time for them to open up the restaurant for business. In addition, half of their employees quit once they knew the restaurant couldn't serve any drinks. The bulk of the money made by servers and bartenders usually comes from the alcohol they serve.

The owners had paid for the license in advance with the hope of having the ability to serve alcohol in one of the busiest weekends in the town. However, their check was cashed by the city but no license showed up.

The Hamptons is a very exclusive community on the east end of Long Island and businesses usually do the bulk of their business over the three summer months. The restaurant hopes to have its license this week.

Source: Page Six

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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