Easiest Way To Get Sunscreen On Your Kid

Summer is so close you can taste it and for moms that means more struggles with squirmy kids before all the bike rides, pool time, and trips to the beach all in the name of sunscreen. We know it’s important but our kiddos don’t care because we’re delaying their fun, but these tips could make the whole sunscreen application process easier for everyone involved.

  • Get ‘em when they can’t escape- If you have a wiggly toddler, the best place to get them lathered up is while they’re strapped into the car seat or stroller, where theycancomplain, but theycan’tget away.
  • Do a countdown- Have your kid count to 15 with you so they know when the torture is going to end or sing a song with them once or twice while you apply.
  • Get silly- Encourage your kid to make silly faces to keep them entertained while you slather on the sunscreen.
  • Let them help- Maybe they can do their arms and bellies while you do their faces and then go over what they did, just to ensure proper coverage. Or you could put sunscreen “dots” on them for them to rub in.
  • Make it a part of the routine- If they know to expect sunscreen every time you go outside, like putting on shoes, it’s less of a big deal to go through the process.

Source: Lifehacker

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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