The Only California Pizza Kitchen In Manhattan Is Closing Friday

California Pizza Kitchen Grand Opening Preview Party

The only California Pizza Kitchen in Midtown, New York is closing its doors Friday, May 24th. The mall favorite, CPK will officially stop serving pizza in Midtown Manhattan. Why are they closing? The rent.

The lease is up for the restaurant on 440 Park Avenue South, East 30th street, and the rising costs in the real estate are forcing the branch of 12 years to close it's doors. “Despite our strong performance here, rising rent costs have simply become too high to continue in this specific location,” he says.

CPK was originally created in Beverly Hills and became known as the perfect restaurant to eat at in the malls. Their menu is best known for their fusion pizza combinations like BBQ Chicken pizza and Thai Chicken pizza. There is one last New York City location in Queens inside the Shops at Atlas Park in Glendale.

The CPK restaurant can also be found across the world with locations in Hong Kong, India, Mexico and elsewhere.

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