Suspect Arrested In Vicious Bus Driver Attack

71-year-old Charles McLennon is still be recovering from a May 1 attack that sent him to the hospital, but he received some good news yesterday; the suspect in the crime was arrested.

The school bus driver was coming back from a break when Tyekeem Wright allegedly snuck up behind him and struck him with an unknown object that sent him crashing to the ground.

McLennon, who spoke to the New York Daily News, said, the blow to the back of the head knocked him down, but that didn't stop his assailant from punching and kicking him several times. "There was blood all over my eyes; I was in such a daze."

McLennon called 911 and described the suspect to the officers and EMT's who showed up to assist him.

First responders took McLennon to Lincoln Hospital to be stitched up and examined.

Authorities were able to pull a photograph of Wright from a nearby surveillance camera and circulated it through the neighborhood where the attack occurred.

An informant recognized Wright and told the police where to find the suspect.

Wright was arrested and is currently waiting to be indicted.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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