Queens Man Arrested After Failed Abduction Attempt

The NYPD arrested Lester Augusto after he allegedly tried to abduct a toddler and then kicked his way through the back door of a house in Queens and held a woman hostage for a brief period.

Witnesses told the New York Post that Augusto approached a mother and daughter who were out for a stroll on 104th Avenue in Jamaica, Queens. As the suspect walked by the victims he tried to snatch the 3-year-old off her scooter.

As Augusto was struggling to control the girl, her mother and Good Samaritans from the neighborhood fought him off and caused him to flee.

After leaving the crime scene Augusto attempted to escape by running through the backdoor of a nearby house.

Once inside the house, Augusto restrained the owner by holding a knife to the 61-year-old female's throat.

When police arrived they surrounded the house and apprehended Augusto as he tried to sneak out the front door.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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