The MTA Asks For Help In Catching Serial Emergency Brake Puller

New York City Subway Pushing Death Puts Spotlight On Commuter Safety

The MTA is on the lookout for a person or a group of people whose main goal in life is to make subway riders live a nightmare.

During an MTA board meeting chairman Pat Foye told the crowd the MTA cops, as well as the NYPD, are trying to find out who has been pulling the emergency brakes during peak travel hours.

In an article published in the New York Post Foye said, "Based on train data and reports from employees, we believe there is an individual or group of individuals who are systematically gaining access to subway cars, pulling the emergency brakes and then fleeing to the tracks, getting on the next train and then repeating the process."

The MTA took to social media to ask for help in catching the commute criminal by tweeting, "We suspect someone has intentionally disrupted thousands of commutes by activating multiple trains' emergency brakes. If you see any suspicious behavior, please tweet or direct mail us the details ASAP.

Chairman Foye told the board members that someone has been doing this for years and the MTA hasn't made it public because they were worried about copycats.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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