Bad Parenting Advice Baby Boomers Keep Passing Down

The Baby Boomers! This generation was fantastic at things like creating the World Wide Web and the automated external defibrillator. But then there was all that trashing the planet and getting us hooked on sugar that wasn’t so great. Also not so great? Some of the parenting advice we get from these older and “wiser” folks in our lives. They mean well and yes, they raised us, but the world was different back then and times have changed. This is parenting advice from Baby Boomers that we nod at and ignore, while wishing we could tell them to shove it right back into their “back-in-my-days.”

  • “You need to let your kids get dirty!”- We agree and that’s the thing, who actually has a problem with their kid getting dirty? Kids get dirty all the time and we get it, so we don’t need this advice.
  • “You’re babying him, he needs to get hurt once in a while”- When did taking steps to make sure your child doesn’t end up with a head injury turn into “babying?” We’re not trying to bubble wrap our kiddos, but we do like helmets on bike riders and knowing a kid can swim before throwing them into the deep end.
  • “They’re playing too many video games”- That’s because they’re fun and sometimes even educational. Thanks for your opinion, now pipe down.
  • “Boys shouldn’t play with dolls”- What about if those dolls carry mini rifles and are ninjas? Is it okay then?
  • “Oh calm down, a little secondhand smoke won’t hurt him”- If you’re dealing with this one, we’re sorry. If someone actually believes this old school idea, no logical argument or scientific fact will sway them.
  • “You guys need to show them better movies, these are all garbage”- Some new movies are great, but there’s actually a lot of truth to this one.