Nightmare Neighbor, Condo Board Go To Court

Residents of The Alfred apartment building on New York's Upper West Side have a beef with one of their neighbors.

Tenant James Miller has allegedly filed 45 complaints to city agencies and OSHA in the past 6 months according to building personnel.

Miller has become such a pain that the condo board has recently filed a lawsuit against Miller claiming he lies to residents of the building about non-existence safety issues.

According to an article published in the New York Post, Miller has visited a local fire station so many times to inquire what constitutes a fire code violation the firefighters have stopped answering the door.

Miller, who lost an election to join the board last year said he's is only trying to make the building safer and more secure.

Miller added that other residents have blinders on and they're not seeing things.

Miller's lawyer, Philip Greenberg said his client is not trolling the building; he's just living his day to day life and noticing things

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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