NYCBD With Jeffry Hill

NYCBD With Jeffry Hill will be a discussion of the economic and societal impact of one of the hottest Health Care issues in our country and in the developed World today - Cannabis and CBD. What is it, what are the medicinal facts, where does the US stand versus our allies and competitors around the world. How can it be a “class 1 Drug violation nationally” and yet medicinally legal in 33 states, and recreationally legal in 11. Who are the winners and losers globally?

Who is winning and losing in New York? How much of an impact will this have on US Health Care System, our Insurance System, Our Medical Education System. What does our FDA say, how is that the same or different than the equivalent Canada (Health Canada); Israel (the Ministry of Health) in Japan (the PMDA) etc.

We will explore this issue, as it has never been explored before!!!!!