Brooklyn Teenager Dies In Bicycle Accident

A 16-year-old Brooklyn youth was struck by a truck and killed while riding his bike home from yeshiva Wednesday evening.

Witnesses say Yisroel Swartz was riding down 17th Avenue near 53rd Street when he hit the door of a parked vehicle and was thrown into the path of an oncoming box truck.

Another witness who asked not to be identified told the New York Daily News that the teenager's helmet was cracked and his face was covered in blood.

First responders performed CPR on the boy until an ambulance arrived and rushed the victim to Maimonides Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Yisroel's uncle said "We are in shock. We are still trying to accept it; He was a very special kid."

The driver of the truck, who remained on the scene of the accident said, "I didn't see him to be honest, it was an accident."

Police records show that no immediate arrests were made.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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