NYPD Investigates Dead Body Found In Pricey Residential Building

The NYPD is investigating a decomposed body found in the basement of a former Brooklyn water pumping station.

The police were called after resident Paul Martinka complained of a foul smell emanating from the basement area of the building located at 25 Joralemon Street.

The building which was built in 1902, but has since been turned into a high-dollar townhouse complex known as Pump House Mews features residential properties that sell for around $2,000,000.

According to an article published in the New York Post, police found the body in the buildings water catchment system, a series of pipes and gutters that collects rainwater that hits the roof and is then stored and reused throughout the building.

Police reports show that the person was pronounced dead on the scene and the body was too badly decomposed to pinpoint the cause of death without a complete examination by the New York City Medical Examiner's office.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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