Teen Asks Girl To Prom Using Times Square Billboard

What does having friends in high places mean? It means if you’re high school student and your dad is buddies with the CO of T-Mobile, you’ll get to use a billboard in Times Square to make your promposal.

Kyle Gelber of Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua used the T-Mobile billboard in Times Square to ask his girlfriend Phoebe Spar to prom over the weekend – and yes, it’s because his dad is friends with the company's CEO who allowed him to use the billboard.

Needless to say, the over the top show of affection worked and Spar agreed to attend prom with Gelber. Gelber says he wasn’t sure Spar would say yes…we’re not sure we believe that.

Source: ABC-7 NY

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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