NY Felons May Soon Be Able To Serve As Jurors

The New York State Senate voted to allow felons who have completed their full sentences to serve on juries.

Bronx Senator Jamaal Bailey who was quoted in the New York Post said, "When people go through the system, they should be allowed to reenter society. We talk about being a society of second chances, but I guess second chances depend on certain zip codes to some folks, I don't know. Second chances matter."

Republican Minority Leader John Flanagan had a different opinion on the decision calling it an addition to the Democrats' "Criminal Bill of Rights."

For the most part, the senators voted along party lines passing the bill with a 36 to 25 tally.

One of the Democrats who voted no, Jim Gaughran said, "I voted no because I have concerns over certain serious violent felons. I don't think there's a place for these people to be serving on juries.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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