Suspects Plead Not Guilty In Assault On Police Officers

Aaron Grissom and Sydney Williams both pled not guilty after they were indicted for allegedly assaulting two NYPD officers on January 8th of this year.

The incident which was caught on camera shows the two men fighting with 5 police officers after they refused to move out of the subway stairwell at the 168th Street station in Washington Heights.

The fight which was filmed by a witness on the street shows one police officer hitting Grissom 16 times with his baton during the ruckus.

The two men who are known to be trouble makers in the neighborhood were arrested at the same location in December of last year after attempting to attack two other cops.

Witnesses of the crime say Grissom and Williams allegedly bragged about the money they were going to make of the city after being beaten by the police.

Court papers revealed that Williams boasted "I got three lawsuits, and no I'm working on my 4th, money, money, money, you messed up."

According to an article published in the New York Post, the two suspects had 31 bags of synthetic marijuana on them at the time of the arrest.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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