Puppy Mill Owner Accused Of Selling Sick, Abused Puppies

The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs asked a judge to impose nearly $4 million in fines against a puppy mill that allegedly sold sick and abused puppies.

The lawsuit against the Chelsea Kennel Club and its owner Yardena Derraugh also asks for her to pay over $52,000 in restitution to her customers.

Derraugh shut down her shop after an undercover investigation conducted by the Humane Society found that she kept the dogs in terrible conditions and though she had no veterinarian training routinely treated the animals with medications meant for birds, cattle, and humans.

In an article published in the New York Post, the lawsuit against Derraugh claims that some of the smaller breeds of puppies were shaken, hit with bones, and grabbed by their necks.

One customer who wished to remain anonymous complained that he spent $5,000 on a French bulldog puppy that died from a respiratory infection a month later.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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