Sheriff Booted From New York Yankees Locker Room For Autograph Trolling

New York Yankee C.C. Sabathia hurled his 3,000th major league strikeout this past Tuesday – making him the 17th pitcher to ever accomplish the feat.

The next day, while C.C. was sitting in the clubhouse, a couple of K-9 officers came by for a routine sweep of the area. When passing by Sabathia’s locker, one of them whipped out a baseball and a marker…and asked the pitcher to sign it for his son. He did.

But then, Yankees shortstop Gleyber Torres also got hit up. No word if Torres obliged, but a Yankees’ official soon gave the sheriffs a “friendly but stern” lecture and they were escorted out.

Apparently, the “my boss told me I could do it if I was discreet” excuse didn’t cut it.\


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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