Helicopter Needed To Rescue Staten Island Octogenarian

An 83-year-old man was rescued by heroic NYPD officers after he fell and got stuck in a marsh in the Ocean Breeze section of Staten Island.

The unidentified octogenarian was walking to a doctor's appointment when he became disoriented and accidentally wandered into a wetland area.

Once the senior citizen entered the swamp he became stuck up to his ankles in the mud and while struggling to free himself the man fell over and became tangled in the overgrowth.

Luckily the man had his cell phone with him and he was able to call 911 and report his problem.

The NYPD sent out a helicopter unit to locate the trapped man and after a brief search, he was found lying prone entwined with the foliage.

An officer was lowered down into the marsh to secure a safety harness to the trapped man. Once the man and the officer were safely connected they were pulled up to the helicopter.

An article in the New York Post said, the officers dropped the man off at Staten Island University Hospital North where he is expected to make a full recovery.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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