Teen Without A Date Takes Himself To Prom in Half-Suit/Half-Dress

A teen in Rochester, New York, wanted to go to prom, but didn’t have a date, so he took himself and wore a half-suit, half-dress that he made. Wyatt Cheatle, a junior at Brighton High School, wasn’t sure who to ask to the big dance, but didn’t want to miss the rite of passage. After telling his family that he may go to prom alone, Wyatt’s mom, Kelly, says they joked that he could wear a dress because he wouldn’t look “half bad,” and the idea took off from there.

The 16-year-old is into crafting and restoration, so he was into making his own one-of-a-kind outfit. Wyatt and his mom hit the thrift store and found several items for less than $25 to create the prom look. They used a dress, a fuschia “pussy bow” blouse, a men’s dress shirt, and a pair of black pants, and then spent hours cutting the dress in half, adding a button placket to the blouse, and upcycling the bottom of the dress.

This teen has a great sense of humor and took his look all the way, letting a friend put makeup on one side of his face - he sported a cat-eye and some hot pink lipstick, but only on half his face. He even wore a clip in his hair and a wrist corsage to complete the outfit. His mom says shoes were the only issue, they couldn’t find flats in his size, so he had to wear his everyday sneakers instead. Wyatt’s friends approved of his “epic” outfit and he got lots of high fives at prom.

“Wyatt has a lot of people in his life who support his decisions,” Kelly says about her son. “His outfit is the physical embodiment of his sense of humor.”


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