Over Worked Cops Get Sued More Often Says Legal Aid Report

Federal Judge Rules NYPD's Stop-and-Frisk Practice Violates Rights

According to a new analysis report from the Legal Aid Society, police officers who work too much overtime get sued more than those who work straight time.

The study conducted by the Legal Aid Society's Capstat website shows that a police officer who serves 406 hours of overtime per year gets sued an average of 5 times per year. While those who limited their overtime hours to 200 per year were not sued.

Julie Ciccolini, an analyst with the Special Litigation Unit of the Legal Aid Society told the New York Daily News, this data makes it apparent once again that providing a monetary motivation to make arrests will result in more abusive and unconstitutional policing.

Eugene O'Donnell, a Professor of Criminal Justice at John Jay College disagreed with the report calling it a concerted effort to delegitimize policing with personal attacks on uniformed public officials.

PBA President Patrick Lynch also spoke negatively of the report saying, despite their best effort to put an anti-police spin on the numbers, Legal Aid has only proved what we cops have known all along: We are routinely sued for just doing our job.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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